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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the rain came in spurts, with heavy downpours in one spot, while at the same time, other parts of the city were dry. and the rain is making for dangerous driving conditions, the c h p says the driver of a mod da sedan was speeding and lost control in the rain, slamming right into an oncoming suv. officers were urging drivers to slow down, saying there's a lot of standing water on the roads, which can cause cars to hydro plain. >> and we have team coverage tonight. ktvu spend the day -- latest storm. bill martin begins our coverage, bill. >> yeah, last night's commute was really a mess, heavy rain, now we've got showers, not as messy as last night, but still an average commute, friday, and rain on the road, heavy downpours at times, look around here, looking for the rain, mostly dry in the north bay, but as you head out to the oakland area, 24, heavy rain coming down, moderate rainfall on in
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area on 24. slow you down. come out, looking towards the tri valley area, plenty and livermore and again, afternoon commute, because that's what's going on, trying to get home for the weekend and you've got wet roadway, dublin boulevard and stone ridge road, and down in san jose area, you've got showers falling, widely scattered and these showers are dangerous, because it's dry and wet really quickly. a slow average nut right now. as we move into this week, i'll tyke line that for you. see you back here in just a minute. >> bay area, where high tides and rain made for a difficult combination, people are taking action to make sure their homes and businesses don't flood. ktvu katie is live in a trouble spot in mill valley tonight. >> frank, we've seen rain off and on today, right now, it's dry, but the clouds are dark. let me show you just how bad it was earlier today. where i'm standing was completely flooded. the cars behind me, they were flooded up to the floorboards
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and have soggy rugs as a result of the flooding, but they weren't the only drivers and people who were caught off guard by the rain today. >> i'm pumping it out. this is a temporary pump that they through in. >>reporter: lee hell man worked to replace a pump. stores main line of defense from flooding. >> actually, last year, we took on water in two of our storerooms, along the side, so the landlord came out and we did the sump pump. >>reporter: heavy rain and high tide, also created a soggy situation in mill valley this morning. crews had to smut down shoreline highway where it crosses under 101. a 24 hour period, the north bay received more than an inch of rain, which inundated highway 1. and more than foot of water would not stop drivers, which chose to forge the flooding
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across another section of highway 1. double, even triple the calls for plumbers. >> sump pump is not working, everything backs up. >>reporter: i also spoke with a roofing company today, they tell me during storms like this one, they can receive 15 to 20 calls for emergency service for roof leaks and those emergency calls, they could cost you 9 $50 for that repair. live in mill valley, katie, ktvu, channel 2 news. and if the rain didn't cause enough problems, ktvu has learned that thieves stole copper wires -- south bay. ktvu's john is live in san jose, where the result was flooding that closed lanes of highway 87 for hours. >>reporter: well, that was a problem this morning, right now, the skies are clearing down here, there's very little rain. streets are slick, but as you said, nothing compared to what we found this morning. this is highway 87 near taylor
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in the early morning 4 feet of water nearly trapped firefighters. >> it was a very sudden, came up on me very fast, the water raised over my hood, which is -- i have a very tall truck, and almost caused me to have an accident. >>reporter: cal tran says it was struck by thieves who struck this -- >> that resulted in flooded roadway. >>reporter: cal tran as bob, says they had to bring in this mobile pump because thieves knocked out a back up pump. highway 87 finally reopened at about 130 time this afternoon. this theft is bad timing for sure, but the latest in a 50 million dollar a year and growing problem. >> we've had copper wired, affected overhead lights, message signs, systems. >>reporter: last year, we reported on wiring thefts along highway 680 near 242, cal tran says it is switching to less
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valuable aluminum wiring, and is joining with law enforcement on a crack down of recyclers who may be buying stolen mettle. reporting live in san jose, channel l 2 news. these rainstorms that we've had this week have everyone asking how much rain do we need? as california grapples with a serious drought. >> we've been dry for so long, and we really been dry for the last couple of years, so levels have been dropping, really hoping this would be an unusually wet. that's not going to happen, an average year are very small. >> this week's storms have helped fill some reservoirs, for example, foal some lake is now up to 55 percent of average. state water officials say their best hope is for rain totals to reach about three-quarters of normal this year. they say that could be enough to get us through the remainder of the. >> our storm watch coverage continues tonight. the storm damage that keeps crops up around the bay area.
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cars trapped in waist high water. and we'll check back with in with bell fwr the latest models ask your weekend forecast. >> only on 2 tonight, a 12 year old boy accidentally shot himself. both of his parents are police officers. ktvu mike is live now in dan ville where there are a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. mike. >>. >>reporter: that's right, julie, dan ville police not tells us where the 12 year old got the gun. shooting took place on tuesday. we were able to retain a recording of the initial dispatch, listen in as we roll it for you now calling 911. accidental shot himself in the arm. secured the gun, 10 to 12 years of age, accidental shooting, awake and breathing. >> officers were dispatched to this neighborhood, in the 911 call, dismatch mentioned was an
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off duty officer. a source within the oakland police department, tells ktvu the 12 year old boy's mother and father are oakland police officers. the source says the boy was staying with his mom tuesday and that he was playing with the gun when he shot himself in the arm. a spokeswoman for oakland police referred to dan ville police. a lieutenant for dan ville police would only say that the boy accidentally shot himself and releaseed from the hospital. we asked the lieutenant where the boy got the loaded gun, was it an oakland police issued weapon, but the lieutenant declined to answer the question, only to say that the case was sent to the district attorney's office for review. a smokes woman says confirmed that indeed the case is under review. she would only add at this time, no charges have been filed. mike, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments tonight, the police gunshots fire on
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interstate 580. the shooting forced the close shur of 580 for almost an hour and created the massive back up that you saw there. today, alameda sheriff's deputies saw a suspicious carcass tro valley home. they called the c h p who moved in and made the arrest and they found a three weapons, two of them stolen. k t b also learned today, that the bullets hit more than the black bronco. a nearby resident as a bull flew through her door. >> hopefully, the bullet that made its way into my home helped sale the deal for them. >> the c h p is not naming the man they arrested and are keeping tight lipped about the investigation. a county connection bus injured a woman during this morning's commute in walnut creek. happened in heavy rain as the bus turned right from civic drive. the 66 year old victim suffered
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head and leg injuries, and expected to recover. the general manager says the driver has had 6 minor infractions since coming to work at county connection in 2001. he is on paid leave while police investigate. they're asking now witnesses to contact them. five of the san francisco police officers faced federal criminal charges made their first appearance in court today. ktvu david stevenson was there and he spoke to one of their attorneys who is hinting act how he plans to defend his clients against some very serious charges. >>reporter: led by the head of the san francisco police officer's association, officers ed and richard left the federal courthouse this morning. they are two of six current and former police officers who have been indicted on grand jury charges. >> harold working officers, dedicate today this department, the citizens this city. >>reporter: 2011 investigation into a series of raids at residential hotels by plain clothes officers. the charges rage from theft and
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extortion to drug distribution . >> they were out there doing very, very serious work, and dealing with some people that have no regard for the law. >>reporter: defense attorney michael rain says the indict ments -- doing similar work. rain says informments who aid the investigation are not reliable witnesses. >> i know that one of those informants, for instance, attempted to extort one of these officers. >>reporter: attorney eric sapphire represents one of those witnesses in the grand jury investigation. >> he provided actual evidence in the form of finger pripts and other types of hard evidence that was given to the federal investigators. >>reporter: all but one of the defendants entered not guilty pleas. the six is waited for a new attorney before entering his plea. all are free on bond and suspended without pay. defense attorneys told us they believe a trial could start in about a year. in san francisco, david
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stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. california national guard members worked shoulder to shoulder with bay area police officers t. cooperation they're learning that could be critical in the next major disaster. >> the storm is passing through, but the damage lingers tonight. the trouble, the rain and wind caused, when our storm watch coverage continues.
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. only on 2 tonight, we go along side bay area police and national guard members as they train for the next major disaster, where they will be working together to keep peace and order. it could be a natural disaster, or a major event that prompts the governor to call in the naushl guard to help local place. ktvu here now to show us inside this critical training operation
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today. >> well, frank, national guard members are training for a new mission, really, to supplement law enforcement during prolonged responses. >> step out of the vehicle, keep your hands in the air. >> during this training mission today, members of the national guard, police unit, learned how to work shoulder to shoulder along side the police department. police officers are the ones in the yellow jackets. >> you've got to trust the guy in front of you. so i understand you want to get, you know, keep your pistol ton car, but if i'm on a stack like that, i'm moving forward, trusting him, i'm going to cover him if something goes down. >> the national guard is considered a force multiplyer, there's a strength and support local law enforcement, natural disaster or ifl unrest. >> you know, it's, you know, you never know until you actually do it. >>reporter: police officer, when local agencies are overburdened. >> part of what we're looking
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for is if we have a disaster where we have to call you guys in, 7 to 10 days in, and now you're looking at a sustained effort. >>reporter: pd laid out several scenarios, from a relatively low risk pedestrian stop. >> to stopping a car jacked vehicle with multiple suspects inside. >> one of my big points, talking to you guys in the kwining, utilize cover. your only available cover is where? the vehicle; right. >> in addition to the tactical response, the police also stressed the -- pleasant. >> body movement, if a person feels that you're being aggressive with them, even though you're just doing business, that's how they feel, and ultimately, it's not what you think you did, it's what they think you did. >>reporter: and it's not just natural disaster, the national guard is training for. in recent years, responded to
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proprotests during the occupied move. channel 2 news. two relatives of the u c berkley student who contracted the measles are also sick. county health officials announced the -- virus today. the cal students profrped a health alert for people who ride barth because the while contagious. it appears flu related deaths are declines in california. the state department of public health confirmed today, 24 new flu deaths, that's less than a week ago when the number was 35. and two weeks ago, when it was 41. statewide, 302 people have died this season of the flu. that's about 3 times last year's number of 106. health officials stress it's still not too late to get the flu vaks seen, saying it's the best way to prevent illness and spread of the flu. death toll stands at 48. the highest number of flu deaths, 15 total, 7 people have
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died in so no month ma county, and 6 deaths in contra could say to. the storm passing through the bay area tonight toppled trees. the v a hospital, cut back the fallen tree, unfortunately it did damage the hood of a car that was parked at 44th avenue. the force of today's storm hit the south bay, here's what it looked like this afternoon. eastern santa clara valley. a lot of people we spoke to said even though they were hit by a downpour, the problems are worth the rainfall. >> flooding in downtown san jose, cars stuck in the water loving the rain. >> a few problems we can put up with. >> we need it. >> the driver of this car, got trapped in waist deep water and near the san jose municipal golf course, fire crews had to rescue a man trapped in a car.
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paramedics treated him for hypo í they remember í thermia and dehydration. >> the worst is over, check in now with bill back in the weather center for what we can expect next. >> as you guys point out, much needed rain, problems with this rain, but if we weren't getting it, it would be another storyment a nice little rain total for the two storms that moved in. check out coming on the san tra cruz mountains, five inches of rain, santa rose sa, healthy rainfall amounts of two storms, good news. for bay area reservoirs and water sheds. here's the system we're tracking, this thing works it way south, working on down to l a, continue to throw bands of showers in our direction. causing some swelling on the afternoon commutes, with the radar spinning here, all the showers widely scattered. really no pattern to this, tough to track these, just sort of like these bands, these energy bands in, napa, down here by --
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bridge, you've got some rain showers, rain showers just to the north of -- north of -- rain showers are going to continue throughout the evening hours, live radar, so free mont, slow and go. livermore, you're not raining right now, but just did, those roadways are wet. ed wet roadways, people trying to get home on a friday night. a little slow and go out there. not as bad as last night. scattered showers tonight. weekend, clouds and sun, and a chance of showers on saturday morning. the extended forecast, wet weshther pattern next week. this weather system for saturday, moves south, we're here, they don't do this very much, they almost always go this way, up to the north of us, slide through, on the north end of this low pressure center. so the rainfall is minimal compared to what we're seeing down in southern california. on sunday, this weak system comes in, sprinklings in the north. don't change your plans on sunday, i think you're fine.
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i'll take ewe into the weekend. friday afternoon, thins clear out pretty nicely. sunday morning, here's sunday afternoon. you see the clearing, so a few showers want to show up on sunday from that system. i think that mold l might be a little overly aggressive. 10:00 o'clock, i'll have an updated commuter model run for you. the five day forecast, the bay area weekend in view, because it is your weekend right now. spotty showers on saturday morning, a slight chance on sunday and unsettled incomplement weather takes us into next week, thursday, five day, some on thursday looks like it wants to be a good rain producer. not bad. >> add ing to thod buckets. >> thank you, bill. well, our storm watch continues on you can get the latest weather lay dar live for your part of the bay area. the impact and the problem spots. okay. it's a done deal. the toll on the golden gate bridge is going up. the bridge board of directors voted 15-2 in favor of option 4.
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the toll will first increase by 1 dollar on april 7th, quarter in july for the next four years. the bridge district says the toll increases will help offset an estimated 5 year 142 million dollar budget short fall. the state of california has a 1.6 billion dollars to offer in financial aid to college students, but the deadline to apply is only 2 days away. the california student aid commission granted 265,000 financial aid packages last year to high school students who qualified for a cal grant. commission leaders urging everyone to apply, because many families are surprised to what kind help students can receive. >> sticker shock among working class families, and the price is something that they see at face value. and don't really understand how much aid is available to that particular student if they qualify. >>reporter: the deadline to apply for a pel grant and many
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other financial aid pack js is march 2nd. the golden state warriors are back tonight. >> and how those two teams did in their visit -- sports the next. charles not having coverage stressed me out.
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. now with sports, the warriors and the sharks back east, looking good at half time. >> new york, lit it up last year in a lose ugh effort. so far as the entire warriors squad is at half time, taking care of their business after a nick turn over. into the full court. yeah, that's the right guy to get it to. curry where the three, and the warriors are up after one, the bench guy chiming in in a big way. o kneel, the definite high percentage shot, like i said, at half time, the warriors in control over new york by 21 points, highlights tonight at 10:00. meantime, sharks out on the road as well in buffalo, new york, where they have never had much success, in fact in if last 15 games there, they are 1, 13 and 1 and it ain't looking good tonight. as the say bers leave, power
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play for the sharks, shep pardon in front, scoring from san jose, the second goal of the year, 1-1 into the third. brian flin, you'll see him nail -- 2-1, they add another, 3-1 lead right now, for the sabers with less than five minutes left in the third period. a little golf, good thing they're out on the florida leg of the tour, because it's not happening weather wise around here. tiger close to missing the cut, the 11th time in his procareer, chiped in for a bird, tiger 169 to finish par 36. leader, roy mcel roy, boeg gis in two of his first three holes. sits at under par and, yeah, they're in gator ville. >> new ball keeper. >> that would be weird. >> you know, they are happy to be out in florida, too, because you know the weather for the entire state of california, not
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too good for golf. >> spectacular there in florida. >> airport security is tuf, right? well, maybe not, a woman tried to sneak on to a play to hawaii without a ticket three times and she came pretty close to getting away with it. her story and much more coming up on the 10:00 o'clock news. >> facebook, and on twitter, thanks so much for joining us, we'll see you at 10:00. >> good night. ♪
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